Make Bournemouth is a collective of multidisciplinary creatives who meet to make and learn. Our current focus is Art and Technology projects. Our aim is to work together as a group to learn and share skills and ultimately, produce something cool.

  • We work on group projects and individual projects.
  • We share information, our skills and knowledge. We learn and teach.
  • We make, break, fix and re-purpose stuff for fun.

Come along and get involved. Make Bournemouth isn’t just for people from Bournemouth, the regular members come from all over Dorset & Hampshire.

History: MakeBournemouth started life as the Bournemouth RepRap usergroup. In-fact our mailing list is still called the bournemouth-reprap-usergroup!


The group was started by Edward Ward in 2013 and met monthly at the Arts University Bournemouth workshops to learn about and build 3D printers. As membership grew, the competence with 3D Printers reached a point where the regular members expressed a desire to ‘do more’ with their 3D printer other than just tweak and improve them. The printers were ‘good enough’, so the regulars starting running workshops on other things. It started with ‘Circuit Bending‘ (altering noisy electronic kids toys so they make weird sounds) and ‘Shrimping.it‘ kits (bare-bones Arduinos) and as the workshops started to take off, the name MakeBournemouth was adopted to cover all of the groups related activities (3D printers, workshops and other projects).


For a year and a half MakeBournemouth ran many other workshops with a long run at a very cool local maker cafe (Makers Inc). Unfortunately Makers Inc closed its doors in Dec 2015 and MakeBournemouth struggled to find a permanent replacement home.


Spending time trying to find new suitable venues only to be let down by the venue or to find the vibe just wasn’t right, coupled with the time and energy required to keep coming up with new workshops eventually took its toll.


After a short break from workshops, and with plans to relaunch a new calendar of workshops at a new permanent home at the Old School House in Boscombe was cut short by a double booking, the core members decided it was time to focus on some of their own projects.

From long held discussions about some of these projects, the regular members decided to start working together to create longer running group projects. The first of which started late 2016 and led to a exhibit of 3 hanging v-plottters at the Arts University Bournemouth in April 2016.


The output from this project include a general purpose drawing robot circuit board and several firmwares from other projects adapted to this board as well as a couple of Python based applications for hanging v plotters.

Following on from this, additional work resulted in a Raspberry Pi Hat designed with hanging v-plotters in mind.

With a second long run of meetings in 2016 alternating between the local Barclays Eagle lab and Box 44 co-working space, we decided to hold both monthly meetings at Box 44.

Since the close of Box44, we have been meeting @ the Daizy.io IoT company offices & other venues.