Addressable RGB LEDs – 11th Dec 2014

!!!CHANGE OF VENUE!!! We will be at Bournemouth Arts Uni workshops tonight instead of Makers Inc. 

We will be connecting a string of RGB Led lamps to an Arduino and loading code to make them flash, pulse, change colour and possibly react to sound. With these lights we have control of the colour and brightness of each individual lamp (LED). We will load code to run some demo sequences, and even allow the lights to react to sound. At the end of the evening you should have a set of working lights and enough knowledge to change the parameters in the code or even add your own sequencer code.

Kits will be £35 for this one. For that you will get a string of 50 RGB addressable LEDs, an arduino clone (the computer that controls the lights) , a breadboard to join it all up, a sound module, buttons, a Power supply and an enclosure to put the electronics in. There will also be some soldering required but we will be able to help with that if required.

Please pre-book tickets on Eventbrite

You should bring a laptop, preferably pre-loaded with the Arduino development environment. Links to this and the basic software to run the lights are posted further down. If you don’t have a laptop we can load the firmware for you but you won’t be able to change the default settings or create your own patterns.

Arduino software for your laptop can be downloaded here

Drivers for the Arduino Pro Micro along with instructions can be found here

FastLED Library

Additional code examples

We will have these files available on night if you don’t manage to download them yourself

The event is also on