21 Oct

Minions Operation

I bought a Minions Operation game for my Nephew & Nieces (who are Minion mad) but it felt like (MB Games?) Hasbro Games missed a trick by not having it play Minions samples. So I added that feature by adding a WT588D voice module controlled by an Arduino Mini Pro.

This meant dismantling the whole thing and breaking the plastic rivet things… I guess it won’t be going back to Amazon any time soon 🙂

I made use of the ‘buzzer’ by driving it with a transistor for 500ms. I’ll replace the light bulb with an LED that stays lit while the sample is playing.


The original version doesn’t need a power switch as the tweezers and metal base are the switch. My version draws power when idle, so I needed to remind people it was still switched on. I added a ‘nag’ mode that plays ~60 second samples of one of the 3 Minions cover version songs (selected at random) every 2 minutes if nothing happens, until someone turns off the power (when I add a power switch). Nag mode is really really annoying after a while – especially when you are trying to test it works properly…

I’ve got to put all of the electronics on a prototype board and then cram all of this stuff plus batteries underneath the playing surface. There isn’t enough room in the original battery/buzzer box, but it looks like the plastic frame is designed with extra modules in mind so I should be able to design and 3d print a suitable enclosure.

The WT588D has 32MB of flash memory which was more than enough for 40+ samples at 22000Hz Mono as well as the 3 x nag tunes and then some. I think it was showing 88% used in the upload software.


It is run in 3 line mode with 3 pins to ‘select’ the device, send a clock signal and pulse the binary data that corresponds to a randomly chosen sample. I think it was playing sample 32 when the scope captured this clock (top) and data.

Last Updated on 21 October 2015 by Mark