30 Sep

Polargraph @ The Old School House

On the 24th Sept 2015, we met for the first time at the Old School House in Boscombe. I brought along my Polargraph and did a short ‘Show and tell’ on connecting and setting up the software and hardware, image calibration and the various plotting options (at least that’s how it went in my head, I was probably rambling and jumping from topic to topic without explaining anything properly 🙂


We plotted Donald Duck and some vector shapes on the night.

IMG_20150924_205727IMG_20150924_210107  IMG_20150924_205908IMG_20150924_205811

Some of my previous Polargraph plots hastily hung around the room.

IMG_20150924_210027 IMG_20150924_205946 IMG_20150924_205926   IMG_20150924_205753

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