24 Jul

Thread Screen – cotton reel colour screen!


Wired has an interesting article about the ‘Thread Screen’, a display made of hundreds of cotton reels, each with a multicolour band of material running over it, controlled by a stepper motor. The screen is 80 x 80 reel resolution and pictured above is just one of the 100 modules that go together to make this awesome screen. It was put together by creative agency ‘Breakfast‘. How the hell do you get to work on such cool projects?!? And nice touch on the cotton reel label detailing!

(Note: I was trying to find a ‘press’ image but couldn’t so if anyone objects to the use of the above image, just get in touch and we will remove it)

The screen is on display at a clothing store called ‘Forever 21’ in New York and will display select¬†Instagram pictures tagged with #F21ThreadScreen and for the next week you can watch a live 24/7 stream of the display on youtube


Last Updated on 12 October 2015 by Mark