14 Jun

Kossel – first prints woo!


At Last!

Printing has happened! Sample model made in Grasshopper 3d and sliced in Cura using spiral vase (Black magic!)

Its a thing of beauty – well, the bits i’m showing here are anyway! The bits I cropped out are a bit wobbly looking – but that’s due to printer temp i’m sure 😉

building-vase-2  building-vase-4 building-vase-5


Today I went to SoMakeIT to get some expert advice  as it was their 3D printer build day as well. I saw them building their 4th cerberus printer, whilst bugging them to help me out.


One of my main concerns was the probing, and that seems to have been rectified! The 40mm fans on the effector were colliding into the X and Y belts, and causing it to skip steps and give very odd results. Some time later we found the part of marlin that allowed us to reduce the diameter or the probing, and now it functions as it should!

One oddity that happend was the extruder, it forgot how to turn! We swapped out the stepper driver and hey presto – its alive. Ordered a couple spare…

I also got some of the connections properly crimped, so I promptly ordered all the parts – I just got a model prepped and ready – only to get ANOTHER temp error! I think that i’m destined to fail, or, I should not assume my terrible wiring wont short at some point! So I turned it off and will wait to do it properly, again.

Will allow me to get the power switch installed, along with the LCD and SD Card functionality.

I should really address the amount of cables coming from the power supply also, would like to neaten that up.

I would like to add some LEDs to the build so I can see what is being printed – I might add them to the ZMin mounts as some kind of arm type thing…

Last Updated on 15 July 2015 by Mark