07 Jun

Cardboard Modeling


The last session we put together was the cardboard modelling sesh, our first workshop in quite some time!

I have run the workshop a couple of time with our undergrads at the AUB, and serves as a good session, introducing the user to several key concepts of model making and concept modelling.


The goal for us was quite similar, introduce the concept of why we make models of our designs, when we would make models, and to what quality finish we might choose. Ours was dictated by the material we chose, which was a recycled grey board Рits a very tough and condensed board, so had its own set of challenges associated with it.Busy-build-continues


One thing that everyone found out about the material was just how hard it is to cut! We went through lots of Stanley blades in the process, always ensuring we had a sharp edge. Safe use of the equipment was paramount – so getting used to keeping fingers in the groove of the safety rules, and correct disposal of blades. We even got the box of plasters out – fortunately we didn’t need to use it!


For those a little young to be wielding blades, a pre cut shack was offered and proved a good process to enable precise construction methods.



I use this shack for a range of introductory sessions – one of which is Rhino 3D, and getting the model built ready to use on the laser cutter. I prepared a ‘heres one I made earlier’ and gave a brief overview of using the laser cutter, and we discussed when the laser becomes an appropriate tool, in contrast to making the model by hand.


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