07 Jun

Kossel – more like, blue smoke machine

Well, it has been up and down as far as the Kossel build is concerned – and mostly down at that.

I printed stuff! So at least I have that going for me…

I made a box – it came out surprisingly well! I started printing at 0.1mm layer height and that took ages, I got bored 15 mins into the build.


I resent the data at 0.3mm and that took 15 mins to complete – very happy with the finish, some slop on the corners though, due in part to the high temp of the printing and maybe some other variable.. thing is, I didn’t get that far into the dialling in of the printer – as I had sprung a leak on the hot end…Foolishly I didn’t bother to read the instructions in the E3D Wiki – which meant I skippedĀ the final tightening of the nozzle to the heater block whilst at temp.

Video here: http://1drv.ms/1FIYkMP

This meant, once I cleaned and rebuilt the hot end (which wasn’t that much of a chore) – something had gone wrong, I had shorted out either the thermistor, or heater cartridge. Several boards later, and more blue smoke – I finally realise it was the heater cartridge as I don’t have any resistance on that part anymore. I have ordered a replacement and a couple of replacement FETs so I can repair my existing Ramps shields.

This will mean I have to re sleeve – again! so yeah, pretty frustrated – another week down the pan! šŸ™

I also brought a new PSU, costing more than I would like to admit – as suggested by Mark. I picked up a silent ATX PSU and plan chop off unwanted cables, and to sleeve those cables I want to retain.

I have however brought some smallish lengths in wonderful jade, pistachio and grey via the lovely guys at faberdashery – and in order to use some existing woodfill, I just brought a new 0.6mm nozzle. I also brought, at great expense (and since found it cheaper on eBay) some laybrick filament – to simulate a clay / porcelain material. My aim is to get some tutorials done of Grasshopper, a plugin for Rhino, and create some interesting parametric derived surfaces – my justification for this build in Ā the first place!


Last Updated on 14 June 2015 by Mark