16 May

Kossel Mini WIP

A few too many days off at Christmas and too many videos watched on you tube!

I started to put together the list – some key parts I would salvage off my older printer, such as the steppers (£50 for 5) and a power supply (£30). Other than that, will be a new beast!

BOM here:

I miss having an extrusion machine at home – so chose one that not only looks cool, but is small enough to fit a particular space on my desk, so the mini kossel is it!

I planned on taking my time with this project – buying some bits every month to distribute the costs, I don’t think its that expensive, but still – pacing myself 🙂


The BOM suggests that the machine will cost £300.

I did fancy using spectra line (cheaper than belts) and also using a fancy E3D Chimera hot end, you know, the one that dual extrudes with a very tidy footprint. Thing is, that was a £100, and would require me to get another motor and extruder set-up, which I don’t want to do just yet – also, printers are a faff to get calibrated, so I opted to  go for single extrusion, get that working(!) and then go for possibly upgrade when time and budget permits. I would really like to print with PVA support material!

For that reason, I decided to go for a ramps setup. I could have used my sanguinolu from my previous build – but will be fireproofing mself with the additional motor controller. Also, the thing was crazy adorable from ebay so just did it. I also brought the LCD panel but that thing hasnt turned up – its been like 4 months! The seller has also sent two replacements and they never appeared either – ah well!

I cheapened out on the Hot End and brought the E3DLite V6, so inc tax and postage it was about £35 – which is a steal for something as reputable as it is.. The extruder is a geared wades, suggested by RichRap as the best he has used, still. So wont be arguing about that.

I started printing the parts on my works ultimaker 2, and then students got in the way so I have yet to finish printing all the parts – almost there though! I brought the machine home with me this weekend so will be continuing to print through the night.


I am using Orange Fizz from Faberdashery, its printing really well at the moment! Its orange to match the Form1 it will be sat next to – so along with the extrusions they should be a good couple!

I have some white acrylic so one its all built might make some kind of bracket to put two panels on the machine, and maybe get an orange translucent door as well – will see how much I can be bothered. My argument for would be to enclose the machine, good for heat, maybe dull the sound a little….

I also went for the expensive Linear Rails, as I’ve always had a penchant for them.


They cost £75 for 3, so certainly the most expensive part of the build. You can go for an open beam runner style thing, but they look a little ugly and well, would potentially get in the way of the side panels should they get installed ever.

Thing is as of late, whilst waiting for the printer to become available – I got a bit carried away buying tiny cable ties and cool cable braiding – presuming I actually do a decent job of it, it should be the most coordinated kossel out there!



I still have to get some wire – was thinking of getting the wire that is twisted together, like an orange and a white, grey and white etc… not sure that that’s called? Also, I need to get them with female headers on as that’s how I’ll be connecting things to the ramps board (endstops etc)..anyone know what type of wire that is?!



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