29 Sep

Collecting environmental data

We were looking to collect some data that then may be the source for the render output of our other projects: vPiP drawing machine, G-code pen plotter and RGB LED Grids.
A few of us have built portable environmental data sensors with GPS tracking that I detail here.
The thought that these units could then be cycled around the local area or left statically for a period to collect the data.

Link to live map https://makebournemouth.com/geo/geo-enviro-2021-09-15.html

The build

RPI-025Raspberry Pi Zero Wshop.pimoroni.com
PIM458Enviro for Raspberry Pi – Enviro + Air Qualityshop.pimoroni.com
COM1707PMS5003 Particulate Matter Sensor with Cablethepihut.com
TEL0138USB GPS Receiver with 2m Extension Cablethepihut.com
102891Ethernet Hub and USB Hub w/ Micro USB OTG Connectorthepihut.com
SD-16GBMicroSD Card (Class 10 A1)thepihut.com
A1263PowerCore 10000uk.anker.com
The separate components

The Links to the software

Python script running on the Raspberry Pi to collect the data https://github.com/MarkJB/enviro_pi_csv

p5.js sketch to draw the GPS track with a render of the data values https://github.com/ch45/geo

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