08 Jan


A while back hackaday posted about Trammel Husdons Charliewatch (An analog watch that uses 72 tiny ‘charlieplexed‘ leds.

We liked the project so thought we’d have a go at building some, plus it was a good excuse to try our hand at small component (0603) SMT solder paste assembly and pizza oven reflow.

Case printed on an Anycubic Photon in FunToDo Industrial Black.

With a few cosmetic tweaks to the PCB (the original used numbers but Roman Numerals seemed a bit more appropriate for an analog watch) and a bunch of PCBs ordered from JLCPCB, we assembled a couple to test and to design a new case around.

Checking the PCB alignment…
Reflow soldering in a Pizza Oven!
Post reflow.
And a shaky video showing one of the hourly animations.

Future updates will include updates on final case designs and materials.

More details on github

Last Updated on 8 January 2020 by Mark