22 Apr

Drawing machine (vPiP)

We’ve decided to take a break from the Wireless RGB Pixels project and revisit the hanging v plotter.

We are looking at making the various parts of the system independent services that talk over MQTT. This allows us to change the various bits of the system in a modular fashion.

Starting with the communication between the current Python vPiP scripts and the hardware. This will be a c/c++ binary that subscribes to the MQTT broker and listens for messages that it should pass to the hardware. The existing Python scripts will publish the relevant plotter data to the MQTT broker. This allows us to potentially control many drawing machines at the same time. It should also make the task of adding a GUI or app a bit easier. The GUI or app will publish messages to the machines and subscribe to messages that they can act on.

As a side note, if you have been following this project, you may have seen (or experienced) the glitchy stepper motor problem recently. This was due to the duplication of python processes and has been fixed in the existing version. Get the latest code from github.

Last Updated on 10 June 2017 by Mark