20 Jun

An hour or so drawing


This is what happens when your .SVG export is set with incorrect settings. I left it running for a bit – I thought it looked interesting – also, no pen lift (the horn fell off the servo).

I was playing around with some simple ‘tween’ curves in Rhino / Grasshopper – hoping to increase my proficiency in GH to create some interesting vectors.


The same drawing, with a slightly different home / start position. The red is a STABILO point 88, the magenta is a Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen Extra-Fine,¬†and the blue is a Eye Micro Rollerball UB-150 (didn’t know that till I just hit up their website!) I knew there was a reason as to why I horde stationary.


The green is a STABILO pointball, the nib is a little large and barely fit through the gondola nib guide thingy, so could have done with a larger hole for it to fit through.


I ended up slowing the speed of the motor accel to a whopping 5 (seconds to max speed) and then I changed the max speed to 25 (half original value). A notable difference in both speed (slower) and resolution (straighter lines (but still not perfect)).



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