26 Apr

Hanging V-Plotters at the Arts Uni – Part 3

We’re online! Check out the details of the event here!





Gallery staff Joseph has been a great help – getting the machines plotting most mornings.  The above image is his work – the poster design for the exhibition realised using the machines, in the style of Norwegian Pixel.

Cheated the process here by plotting text (black fill) – so it renders it out at its most dense – perhaps we need to implement plotting vector in fills.


Got the large machine fixed – changed the gear wheel on the right motor – just need to get some bad ass vectors in place.


Multi layered image – black Hi-Techpoint 0.5 fine over Neon (magenta) Stabilo fine 0.4


To get the plots completed at A2, I changed the pixel size from 3 to 10 – so the spiral is large. I then later dialled it back to 7. I think Changing the speed would also be helpful (slower) – will get the resolution of the spiral that much tighter.


Colour change mid plot


Drawing studio interior rendered with Norwegian Pixel


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19 Apr

Hanging V plotters at the Arts University Bournemouth – Part 2

After a lot of faffing, things breaking and some head scratching, the machines are all working as anticipated and we’re almost ready to start doing some drawings!

This post shows the result of running some calibration tests and some test drawings.


The Pylargraph machine is finally plotting a graph of tweets for the chosen disaster related keywords. For some reason the code had defaulted to scaling all tweets to a height of 1mm. This produced straight lines which wasn’t very interesting. Now its producing interesting line graphs.


Then we have a vPiP machine rendering a Vulcan bomber. The grid is the result of a test program that we use to check the machine is properly calibrated and will be drawing things where we think it should.


And the large format landscape vPiP machine drawing a vector of the exploded view of the Gondola (the thing that holds the pen) that this machine uses. Again, the grid is drawn by a test program.

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14 Apr

Hanging V plotters at the Arts University Bournemouth – Part1

Our trio of hanging V plotters at the AUB


The machine on the left is running Pylargraph and is plotting a graph based on the number of twitter search results it gets back for a series of keywords related to the theme of disaster.

The two on the right are running vPiP (which produced the framed images).

We hope to get the large machine on the right plotting large format vector images.

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