29 Feb


MakeBmth has manged to get 3 Polargraphs working! (Technically 2 v-plotters running the Polargraph.co.uk software and 1 running a Gocupi/Python mashup)


The one on the left is running the Gocupi firmware and is being run with Pycupi a Python port/rewrite of the Gocupi ‘Go‘ control software.

The other two are running the Polargraph.co.uk  a1_server firmware variant modified to run on our electronics.

The one in the middle is running with Pylargraph which is a Python script to control the original firmware with the intention of plotting or graphing the result of a regular twitter search.

The other is running with the Polargraph.co.uk control software.

The various 3d printed parts are our own designs or modified versions of existing designs.

My own designs are available on github and thingiverse but not everything is finished.

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04 Feb

Eagle Lab meet

MakeBournemouth was invited to an evening at the new Eagle Lab, an initiative by Barclays to encourage the local community to get together and learn from each other.


That’s the only image I got of the evening – somehow forgetting to take some pictures of the larger space.  Their twitter feed is here and has a few images of the space within it.

The meetup went great, and no doubt the amount of new faces was linked to the opportunity to be hosted there tonight, have to work hard to get the new guys to continue to attend!

After a brief tour and overview of the offerings of Eagle Labs, we broke off into groups and carried on as we normally do – getting updates on each of our projects and bashing our heads together to solve some issues.

Will be having an ongoing discussion to see how we can work with Eagle Labs for future events / workshops.

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