16 Apr

Arduino.cc (Arduino LLC) or Arduino.org (Arduino SRL)?

Recently the company that manufactures official Arduino boards (under license from Arduino.cc (Arduino LLC)) has decided that it is the rightful owner of the Arduino trademark and no longer pays royalties to Arduino LLC and hasn’t done for about a year. If you want to know the ins and outs read the recent court filing by Arduino LLC.

Arduino.cc (Arduino LLC) has been around a long time and has been the driving force behind the name and the product. There is a huge community that supports and extends Arduino and a large part of the creativity of the maker movement has been enabled by Arduino and I hope this continues and that Arduino SRL doesn’t damage, water down or introduce confusion into the community.

The creation of a competing Arduino website, along with a fork of the Arduino software development environment with higher version numbers than that offered by Arduino.cc is likely to confuse newcomers.

As mentioned earlier, Arduino.org has stopped paying Arduino.cc royalties for the boards it manufactures. Any ‘official’ Arduino boards sold in the last year (even those bought from a reputable supplier) won’t be supporting Arduino.cc. This position is likely to continue until the court case is resolved.

If you want to support the official Arduino team (Arduino.cc), you can buy Arduino boards from their online store or donate directly.

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12 Apr

Crapbots on the Isle of Wight

The Hebocon craze is sweeping the nation… sort of… Crapbots of the IoW held a tournament on the 30th May 2015!

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11 Apr

Oscilloscope fun

Its amazing what some people do with their spare time… and this youtube video is a great example. The display is the result of plotting the left and right audio signals on a screen as x and y coordinates.

I thought I would have a go with an analogue scope in x/y mode…

There is a fair bit of noise and ringing on my scope which is likely due to the cheap probes (no decoupling).

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08 Apr

Hebocon build night

The first Hebocon build night was fun and some people spent more than an hour putting together their crap robots!  Details of the Hebocon battle when we get them.

You still have time to build your own crap robot and join us in battle!

The ‘rules’ (I use the term loosely)  we are going by can be found here (pdf).

Basically your robot must be less than 50x50cm and less than 1kg in weight. Technologically advanced robots (i.e. sensors and control logic) will attract penalties. Remember – keep it stupid!


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