20 Mar

Hebocon Bournemouth 2015 – Build Night

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Hebocon aka Crap Robots

This is robot wars with a twist, it requires no technical skill, just enthusiasm and a sense of humour.  You can enter this with a £2 toy purchased in a charity shop, it doesn’t even have to be battery powered. The goal is simply to take part, trying too hard to win may be considered unsporting.

You will get a better idea of what is expected from this video clip:


Hebocon’s “Hebo” comes from the Japanese “Heboi” (ヘボい) meaning clumsy.

“Heboi” (ヘボい)

The aim of Hebocon is to enjoy the “Heboi” condition. The meaning of “heboi” in Japanese means poorly made or having a poor self-image, and there are two meanings to Hebocon’s “heboi”.

We are offering a build night where you can get some inspiration for your creation and hopefully make a good start on building your robot. Bring a toy, something you’ve made your self or just a box of bits. Battery power is optional. We will bring glue, sticky tape and tools.

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