24 Oct

Google Cardboard

Despite the refurbishment work taking place at Makers Inc, the Google Cardboard workshop was a lot of fun and probably one we will run again at some point.


Everyone got their Cardboard assembled and nearly all the phones worked. We only have two handsets that didn’t support all the required features. They were a Moto G and a Galaxy mini. The Moto G doesn’t have an accelerometer and so can’t do head tracking and the Galaxy Mini wasn’t powerful enough to render the display.


We also had one phone that suffered from double vision – that was an HTC but I can’t remember the model. Interestingly I had seen this double vision issue with my own Nexus 4 while running the Chrome VR experiments but is fine with the Google Cardboard app.


While watching the Google IO video on Google Cardboard, they mentioned that you can change the interpupillary¬†distance by programming that information into the NFC tag that is used to launch the Cardboard app then putting your phone into Cardboard. This might fix the double vision issue. I will look into how that is done as i’d like to see the Chrome VR experiments working properly on my Nexus 4.


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23 Oct

Google Cardboard Update

A quick note for those coming to the Google Cardboard workshop at Makers Inc tonight.

I’m told there is refurbishment work being done and while it may look like Makers Inc is closed, it will be open for tonights workshop.

Tickets are sold out and there won’t be any on the door.

Get in touch via the forum or the contact form if you missed this event and would like us to run it again at some point.

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